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Above the text is a shirobabytchi 'x-ploring'. Don't steal this gif.

If you are an amazing fan of p2, then you are going to x-plore right to your chest! This website is NOT an ad, nor has a shop. If this has glitches, contact us.

X-Ploring? Maybe we'll make a tama diary instead!

TAMA DIARY DAY 1: I hatched my first baby. I accidentally ignored it and died for the first time(I can't remember she died or not). I reseted him, hatched, and squealed for food.  She squealed so cutely, I fed him for the first time. She enjoyed it. Then she poops, I cleaned it up. She napped, but I forgot to turn off the lights. She woke up and placed another poop and I cleaned it up again. She got sick, and I cured it. She evolved to Tonmarutchi, and she squealed for food some more. I gave it candy, and she ate it. She took a walk until he beeps for attention. I forgot to take attention, and the icon thingie popped off. Hours later of caring, she went to sleep. I forgot to turn off the lights(again!). 3 days of carin' and sharin', she evolved to this weird duck blob thingie. Hashitamatchi. She quacked for food. I gave her candy again and the duck thing ate it. I reseted it, and started off as an egg to baby to child to the same teen. She quacked for food, and she got sick. I played him a minigame and she turned happy.  2 days of caring and sharing, she evolved to this strange blobduck-in-a-pot, Kusatchi.

She died. I reseted her and turned back to an egg. She turned from uh, baby to child toooooo.....(drum roll).....Tongaritchi! I really adore him until he turned to Zuccitchi and died.  Then I got a pix. Sorry if I'm not writing about pix diaries, I'm going to write my p2 diaries some more. She squealed for food, then evolved, then evolved...into the blobduck again. 

She evolved to Hashizoutchi! <3 My beautiful baby, I adore him a lot! Then, months and years of caring of my tonmarutchi, I accidentally dropped. She finally died, but instead, she broke into a Tonmarutchi sprite, but his bottom squish body got a little higher, and his mouth dissapeared. She finally broke. She'll see you when she repairs.

Example of his broken sprite

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